Contact Centre

The contact centre is responsible for qualifying MVF leads and making sure our clients are getting highly relevant prospects and that potential customers get matched with companies that fit their needs.

Our mission is to deliver world-class customer service, instil trust in our users and build our brands as authorities in their markets. The contact centre is one of the most important parts of MVF’s process and is vital to our future growth.

We constantly optimise our lead qualification process to ensure we are finding the highest quality prospects for our clients which is one of the reasons why MVF has an impressive client retention rate of 96%.

Our teams receive clear training to understand MVF’s product inside out and provide the best information and support to customers. It is a dynamic working environment – on average we talk to approximately 2,000 potential customers every day which totals over 300,000 customer leads for our clients per year.

The contact centre team had constant interaction with product users. This provides them with vital insights which they then communicate to our marketing and commercial teams, constantly improving how we work with clients and reach customers. 

People joining this team will have fantastic opportunities to learn about our sectors, whilst working in a high-performance environment in one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK.

Current Contact Centre Vacancies