New Channels

The New Channels team provides MVF’s competitive edge in the fast paced digital marketing environment. We find and test new and emerging marketing channels to make sure we capitalise on every new opportunity to find customers, long before our competition.

The number of marketing technology solutions entering the market doubles every year so our time is spent looking for new developments in the sector and working out how to apply our strategy to these evolving media channels and platforms.

The fact that MVF has a dedicated team looking at new marketing channels and platforms means that we are often the first business to successfully scale new channels and many of the top media platforms come to us first to test their commercial product BETAs.

The dynamic within the team is extremely fast-paced. The channels we use respond in real-time so we have to be on hand to optimise all aspects of the campaigns to adapt to market changes.

Our performance content marketing division is the fastest growing department at MVF due to the rapidly evolving nature of online advertising. We have rolled out campaigns in over 30 countries so far, and notched up 2 billions impressions a month on average and generated over 130,000 conversions.

Since being developed in 2016, the New Channels department has added 25% of profit to MVF – a figure which should only increase as we grow as a department and explore new channels and opportunities. New Channels is always creating new roles and there is real opportunity for career progression – see our roles below.

Current New Channels Vacancies