Search Engine Marketing

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team is MVF’s paid search division. We run world-class campaigns to promote our brands in search engine listings, making it easy for customers to find our sites and the services they are searching for.

Paid search is one of MVF’s core marketing channels. There is no better signal that a customer is in the market for a product or service than that customer entering a search query into a search engine, such as Google. That is why we have invested in the development of one of the strongest search marketing teams globally.

We have honed our search skills over time, and have built a team of top industry talent to deliver highly granular and targeted campaigns at scale. Technology, automation and smarts is what drives the performance of our campaigns. Every month we generate over 350 million impressions, drive 1.5 million visits to our websites and deliver over 305,000 leads for our clients.

Our search team is always looking at innovative ways to drive results in our campaigns, and our teams are made up of people who love testing, learning, and pushing the boundaries in search.

For new graduates we have launched the Paid Academy, which provides in-depth training on paid search marketing fundamentals, best practice and advanced techniques. It is an ideal entry point for new executives joining the team, and provides an accelerated introduction to the wider business.

Current SEM Vacancies