We have scaled lead volumes of over 200% for restaurant epos and SasS provider Toast. Learn more.

The Challenge

In early 2019, Toast was focused on growing the review sites part of its business. In order for this to happen the company recognized it needed to significantly boost lead volumes coming into the organization.

The Partnership

The partnership together has developed over time, with initial volumes growing incrementally over the years. Campaigns were always kept front of mind and were optimized to reflect’s evolving KPIs and metrics, with an emphasis on sharing performance data to help inform critical decisions.

This has been key to accelerating growth while optimizing towards quality simultaneously. Regular catch-ups ensure results are being met, so best practices can be shared and consistently aligned.ion rates increasing by 165% and Customer Acquisition Costs decreasing by 45%.

One of the things that’s made us happiest about working with MVF is the great communication and partnership


Following the initial success of the trial, Toast quickly took the decision to scale up the partnership with MVF. Lead volumes have grown by over 200% since the start of the relationship. And iterative improvements, facilitated by a close working arrangement and dedicated account management, means performance continues to impress.

“One of the things that’s made us happiest about working with MVF is the great communication and partnership that’s helped us grow along the way. We’re always able to get in contact with someone right away, whether it’s an urgent issue, troubleshooting, or just general questions. Everyone we’ve worked with is eager to partner with us to help each others be as productive as we can.”

What's next

Bi-weekly calls mean the two companies are able to keep each other abreast of future projects and emerging opportunities when they arise. And plans are in place to continue expanding the operation, with a new partnership set to launch in 2020 focused on helping Toast build out and grow its affiliates program.

The Client:

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